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Taking steps to promote eco‑conscious energy practices since 1995

IKS is an international leader in the development of sustainable smart technologies to meet the growing energy needs of today’s world.

About Us

Our Bi-Directional Car Charging Systems, Vehicle to Building (V2X), and Battery to Battery Direct Charge & Discharge technologies demonstrate our commitment to the efficient use of energy. This also helps reduce environmental impact and ensures energy security for communities around the world.

Our energy technologies have the ability to enhance the efficiency of energy generation and its consumption in industry, homes and the emerging Electric Vehicle (EV) markets. IKS systems are already being used across the world.

How It Works

The IKS Bi-Directional System integrates multiple power sources for advanced energy charging and storage capabilities:

Who & How We Help

The IKS Bi-Directional System provides power solutions to a range of customers and clients in a wide variety of fields which can be adapted to suit many applications:

V2X - Power In Motion

Our unique Vehicle2X (V2X) technology turns your EV into a power source, enabling connections to buildings (V2B), homes (V2H), and grid (V2G). Power can be mobilized in different locations as needed, making this an ideal solution for remote locations and emergency situations.


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